Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3750 of the Friday 8 march 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Ash collapses in learning the fate of Luna; Valère takes an unexpected decision; Kevin is rewarded for his work, but not the way he expected. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Sacha takes his acts Luna is upset to learn that she will not run anymore. She rejects the compassion of Babeth. When she receives a visit from Sasha, who came to announce his departure, she understands that it is not aware of his condition and fails to tell him the truth. When Mirta crosses Sacha at Mistral, she slaps him and accuses him of abandoning his daughter in addition to condemned his future. Ash collapses on learning of the condition of Luna, and decides to cancel his departure to assume the consequences of its acts. He made his farewells to Victory. Valère is a painful choice Valère and Mila continue to turn around since their break-up. For Arthur, it is too much : he confronts Valère to put it in the face of its contradictions. Mila and him are in love, he must swallow his pride ! But Valère guilty of having rejected Mila after she asked forgiveness for having contacted without mother, without telling him. He decides to make the point with it : not knowing where he is in his life and not wanting to do it again freak things, he prefers to make a break. Mila is furious… Kevin is proof of bravery, Kevin and Leo attend the confrontation between Syd, his ex-girlfriend Lola, and Jenny. The young woman warns the latter about the intentions of his companion : he lies on his bet to stay to make him take all the risks and committing the crimes in his place. Furious, Syd grabs Lola by the throat. Kevin intervenes immediately, but Syd struck him a punch to the stomach and fled. Vexed, he thinks he has failed in his mission and is too low, despite the encouragement of Leo. But to her surprise, Jenny thanked him, kissing her !

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